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My quotes from last week
Enrollment is ...

the act and practice of lighting a spark of possibility for others to share.  That is from The Art of Possibility.

always occurring.  You are either being enrolled or enrolling others in the way that it is.  I have heard this said by my mentors.  I am not sure where it comes from.

about who you are.  How willing are you to go along to get along?  You are easily enrolled.  How willing are you to take a stand?  You are enrolling.  All my life I have been the one being enrolled.  Therefore, I do not have the life that I want.  To generate that, I must be willing to take a stand for what I want.

There is NO done.  You are either accountable or you are not.  This one is mine.  I made this up.  In my languaging, I keep saying that, "I am almost there.  Just wait.  I am almost there."  The truth is - I will never be there.  There is no other place but here.  I can either choose to be accountable for the choices that I have made and learn from them or I can choose not to.  There is no other conversation to have.  I will never be done.  I will never be perfect.

(But) when we realize that no one is coming to save us, or do it for us, and that our old wounds are there whether we love them or hate them, then we realize that we're the ones who have to fulfill our potential.  --  Debbie Ford (p. 161, DSLC)  I picked this one again.  I have not owned this one yet.


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