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I am becoming certified to coach relationships
It has been several weeks since I have posted.

I am currently enrolled in a Relationship Coaching certification program.  The training was last Thursday through Sunday.  For the next 13 weeks or so, I will be coaching my 2 practice clients through the 10 Track Relationship Coaching workbook.

My intention is to post some of the things that I am learning about relationships and coaching on my blog weekly.

This week, I am learning about what it takes to be in enrollment.  Here's my situation.  I am enrolling 2 practice clients to coach through the process.  I have one.  I am in search of another.  I really wanted to coach someone that I met at work and I contacted her a month ago.  We were in email communication and then I couldn't reach her for a couple weeks.  When I got back from my weekend, I decided to call her.  We spoke for about 10 minutes about the program

Here are some of the things that we talked about:
It is a 12 week commitment.  What you are committing to is to be coached by me through the relationship coaching workbook.  What I will be getting is a certification.  What you will be getting is coaching that once I am certified will go for $1800 to improve and solidify your relationships.  At some point in the call, she asked me, "So why me?  Is there something about me that you think I need to fix?"  I replied, "No.  Everyone could use this work.  I am giving this to you as a gift.  I like you and wanted you to have it."  I also told her that she would be required to be recorded.  I promised that only my peers and mentors involved in the training would listen to the calls.  The purpose of recording 2 calls would be for me to be able to get feedback as a coach.  I then explained that feedback would be something that we would cover.  I explained that a mentor of mine says, "that the eye cannot see itself.  The only way for you to know what the color of your eyes (without looking in a mirror) is for someone to tell you."  With feedback, you can make adjustments in what is not working and have the life you want.  I got an agreement that she would do it and that she would be in it for the entire 12 weeks.  We hung up the phone.

I felt proud of myself and contacted all my other possible clients that I had my 2 practice clients.  Whew!  I was glad that was over.

Less than 24 hours later, I received an email that said that she was too busy and not interested.  She apologized for agreeing and then saying know.  I responded that I understood and I still liked her.

It has been 5 days since then and I have been thinking.  Enrollment involves coaching the potential client to say yes to their lives.  It is not about the story that they tell to avoid having the life they want.


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