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Empowering Thoughts of the Day
I am feeling depleted and a lack of energy.  I changed the quotes on my big whiteboard.

If it is to be, it is up to me.

Accountability - I am the source of EVERYTHING that occurs in my life.  This can be very empowering if you choose.  If what I have is not what I want, I can change it.  I am the source.

Accountability Formula - STOP.  LOOK.  What am I creating?  What attitude, assumption, or belief generated my results?  Is it the result that I want?  If it is, great!  Keep it up!  If not, Choose.  Declare the new stand!  Choose a new attitude!  Believe it is possible!  Do It.  Take chances.  Make mistakes.  Get messy.  (Thanks Cami)  Step Left.  Reassess.  How are your results now?  Stop. Look.  Go again.

The quote on my small whiteboard remains the same.

When you take responsibility for the events in your life and for your interpretation of those events, you step out of the world of a child and into the world of an adult.  --  Debbie Ford

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In my experience, this is one of the most difficult concept for most people to grasp. They live in an unconscious victim state, saying that circumstance has put them in their current position, not choice and accountability.

For some, they may remain in victim, for others, it may be they shun the ownership and work involved in changing their lives. It's a big chunk to bite off and take on, and some stand back in fear of it.

Thanks for contributing to my blog. Your comments are always welcome.

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